The best way to jump start a car

Car travel is the good vehicle for people while go to the journey. Most of the people like to drive a car for their interest and safety is the essential part while driving because of heavy traffic. The important thing is people can wear the safety seat belt and also apply sun glass while driving. Now a day, a car comes in variety of models like sports sedan and compact in mid size, full-size luxury. Some of the examples of good looking cars are Honda civic, BMW 5 series, Toyota Camry, Lexus IS, etc…

What are the things can check to start a car?

Firstly, you have to check all the equipments are good condition and also tested the battery level condition. The car is started and it contains good battery, after that you have to wait for five minutes when the car starts. Suppose if the car contains dead battery, that time the car does not start means, you have to wait more than five minutes, especially in weather condition.

Car contains set of jumper cables, positive and negative clamps and usually the jumper cables are colour-coded  to use easier and little dangerous. Red clamp and black clamp are the positive and negative post of good battery and bad battery. So red clamp can be connecting to the positive of good battery and other red clamp can be connecting to the negative post of the dead battery. Next work is black clamp can be connect to the negative post of the good battery. Now the remaining part of black clamp cannot be connect to the negative post of the dead battery. Make sure that negative part of the good battery doe not connect to anyone, if you connect that one, it produces high inflammable hydrogen.



Parts of the car

Now a day, Cars are manufactured with new automobile components have different advantages and good facility. It contains engine cooling system like radiator pressure cap, air blower, water pump gasket and thermostat. New model cars consists of electrical and electronic devices such as charging system, electrical supply system, sensors, switchers, audio/video devices, car video accessories, wiring harnesses and ignition electronic system. Miscellaneous auto parts are air conditioning system, hose and bearings. Engine components contains diesel engine, petrol engine. The anti lock brake system helps to adjusting the star wheel.



How to jump start a car?  If u make sure that two cars contains equal voltage and note that two cars are not connect to touch each other. Batteries have electrolytic solution and it contains sulphuric acid. Battery consists of two poles, one end is positive and other should be negative. Connect this positive and negative terminal of the poles to the battery.

Now the vehicle is full of working stage and get ready to start. Always apply glasses when jump to start a car and Avoid smoking cigarettes, drinking while driving. Finally start the car in the reverse order and if car does not start, wait little longer time.


The General Tips to Jump start a car

Generally everyone loves travelling because it gives an excitement and pleasant feel. The car is a vehicle that might helps to get an extraordinary feel when ride with car.  The people should know about basic problems and resolving methods to avoid complexities during the ride. The car can have few troubles with startup so users should go with alternate ways to start a car. The people should know about how to jump start a car. The jump start is only essential when car battery gets problem. The jump start is not a solution and it is only for emergency so people have to resolve battery problems.


The vehicles are normally important for people regular uses and mostly today people are buying car. If car battery dies then users instantly need jump start and here they can use several methods for jump start. Normally cables are also using jump start a car and it is highly suitable for both of manual and automatic transmission. The users have to connect the good battery cable to the other terminal but both new and dead batteries connection should be in the right format. The negative cables should need to connect with one terminal and this connection going to connect at the uncoated part of dead battery. The users have to start the car with good and reliable battery over 3 or 4 minutes that might helps to gain charge from good battery and it allows starting a car. The pushing start is one of the options to jump start a car and it only deserve for manual transmission. Initially users have to put the car in a starting gear and then slowly move out the car clutch and it is simply helps to complete the hump start. The people can able to use various methods to simply jump start a car but users have to decide that as per model and location of car. The user must consider various important tips before do the jump start method.


The users should follow various tips to easily jump start a car. Initially people should need to know about different factors and instructions for easily jump start a car. Normally battery is highly essential for each and every vehicle including car. The battery is simply efficient to start a car. The good position of car is very efficient for easy jump start and The users should not touch battery until it fully charged .Normally before start the ignition while users  need to put off the car accessories and even  automatic and other manual gearbox  are also need to be off by users. Before jump start a car users should need to check out car is having automatic or manual transmission because sometimes jump start not suitable for some cars. However both positive and negative terminal ports should be good to avoid troubles during the jump start.  The users need to get some advices form technicians to simply issues while jump start a car


Simple steps to jump start a car easily

Whether the car owners left your car lights on, its’ battery is old, or you left the keys in the ignition, you will probably face the dead battery sooner. In such situations, most of you are searching for how to jump start a car easily to move. If your car battery is died, it is always advisable to use the jumper cables to jump start it from other good vehicle. It is compulsory to use the jumper cables carefully to charge up the battery and start your car.


Using jumper cables to start the car:

In order to safely using the jumper cables to start your vehicle, you just follow these simple steps.

  1. First of all, you should make sure both vehicles are turned off.
  2. After that, you have to take out the jumper cables to use. Usage of the jumper cables to charge up your battery is really a very good idea for all types of cars.
  3. You should need to keep them in the vehicle’s trunk compartment.
  4. If you don’t have the car jumper cables, you can get it from another vehicle from which you get the charges.
  5. In the next step, you need to place both the cars in the neutral stage and shut off the ignition. It is always better engaging parking brake or hand brake in both the vehicles.
  6. Then, you have to connect one end of the positive or red jumper cable to one positive terminal on the dead battery.
  7. Connect another positive or red end of the jumper cable to the good battery.
  8. After that, you must connect the one negative or black jumper cable end to the negative terminal of the good battery.
  9. Then, it is necessary to connect another negative or black terminal to the unpainted and clean metal surface which is near to the dead battery.
  10. Once you have set up all these terminals of the jumper cable, you just have to learn how to jump start a car
  11. After finishing all the above steps, then you just need to start working on the vehicle and run the engine of the dead battery for at least a few minutes.
  12. During this process, the electrical charge would be transferred from the good battery to the dead battery.
  13. Then, you need to try starting your car.


If you won’ t start a car even after this jumper cable charge transferring process, then check out the cables are properly connected or not. When everything is perfect, then you need to give some more minutes to charge up the battery and try again to start the car.

If this procedure works and your vehicle starts, don’t shut off the engine. You need to drive around for at least 15 to 20 minutes to fully recharge your car battery. In some cases, the battery will not be charged while this method and you need to replace the new battery because it doesn’t capable of storing the charge.



Simple and effortless steps to jump start a car

Starting a car with a discharged battery is turn out to be simple and effortless in the recent days. Car is a comfortable transport to travel on to any places. You can have a great pleasure and fun in the car while riding with your family. But, when your car stops down in middle of the road due to dead battery, you will be in frustration and stress. You will not what to do next and you will remain in confused state. Car owners don’t need to panic as there are different kinds of options to move on with your car. If there is another functional car close by, you can jump start the vehicle in matter of minutes. Many car owners will not know how to jump start a car as it is a new term to them. Batteries go dead for different kinds reasons. It is really easy to boost a car with the use of dead battery. This simple process makes you to continue your travel without any hassles. You just require jumper cables, another running car, wire brush and safety glasses.


First, you want to park the functional car next to the dead vehicle. Make sure that the jumper cables reach to both car batteries. You don’t have to worry about battery connections. If you want to stay away from serious damage, you should not mix up the cables. Turn off the positions of both keys. It helps your vehicle get rid of electrical system surges. Verify the off positions of ignition systems. Then, you have to find the positive and negatives sides of both car batteries. Take the jumper cable and attach the red cable with the positive side of the functional car battery. After that, you want to connect the other end of the cable with the plus side of the dead battery. Now, you have to affix the black cable with good battery in the negative side. Locate the unpainted metal on the dead car to connect the other end of the black cable. Start the vehicle which has the good battery and allow it to run. It helps the dead car to boost its battery from drain condition.

Start the dead car by turning the key and it want to be fire right up. If the dead car remains with the starting troubles, you want to replace the old battery with a new one. Then, you can disconnect the jumper cables instantly. You should not allow the red and black cables to touch each other so that you will not face any issues with it. There is no any specific order for disconnecting the jumper cables. Diverse kinds of useful resources are available for how to jump start a car in the online sites. Once you obtain little knowledge about jump start a car, you can easily complete the steps in a short span of time. If you start the car after idle time of nearly twenty minutes, you can continue your travel without any hassles.